WiFi SOS Emergency Button




SOS Emergency button, adopts WiFi connection, remote monitored by APP, which can detect trigger signals from the button accurately and clearly.

It can be used to trigger a notification on the APP or sound a siren that is automated through the APP.

Suitable for the houses, restaurants, leisure centers, hotels, offices, etc.

Technical parameters

  • Input Voltage : 5V USB
  • Battery: 3.6V 120mAH (Rechargeable)
  • WiFi Frequency:  2.4GHz
  • Standby current: <50uA
  • Working current: <70mA
  • Standby Time: 1 year
  • Power: 0.2W
  • WiFi Protocol Standard: 802.11b
  • Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • RF Wireless Distance: 150M(In open area)
  • Working condition: Indoor, temperature -10 ~ -50oC, relative humidity < 95%.
  • Power consumption: Standby 0.01 W, alarm 0.09 W.
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Low battery reminder: flash every 10 seconds

Includes Laynard

Additional information

Weight0.0275 kg
Dimensions0.55 × 0.55 × 0.18 cm

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