What is Lexan?

Lexan polycarbonate resin is a formless engineered thermoplastic, distinguished by it’s outstanding mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties.

Lexan is used in many different settings depending on the characteristics that are needed, for example, anti-dust, flame retardant, scratch resistant, heat resistance, weather resistance, biocompatibility, optical quality and many more. It provides high thermal insulation values, as well as superior UV resistance, for the conservation of energy.

Lexan is available in many forms, some of those are Lexan* film, Lexan* Excel D, Lexan*9030, Lexan* ST5000, Lexan* Thermoclear, Lexan* LCS, Lexan* Sign Grades, Lexan*Margard, Lexan* Lexgard.

Each type has its own characteristics and is used according to different specifications. Some are coated with graphic films to handle abrasion, UV and fogging. For example, Lexan* Margard is used in higher vandalized locations, since it is coated with an abrasion resisting coating, therefore it is more often used for schools, bus stops, shopping malls, and many others.

Lexan is used in many product fabrications, some of those are:

  • Sky Lights
  • Domes
  • Space Enclosures
  • Covered walkways
  • Shopping malls
  • Aircraft Applications
  • High Heat Food Contact
  • Functional Enhancements
  • Impact Strength with High Stability
  • Glass Reinforced Flame Retardant Applications
  • Water Bottle Applications
  • Safety Eye Wear Applications
  • Replacing glass in many applications
  • Inside fridge glass (coating on glass) – anti-fog, scratch, abrasion resistance
  • Car Windshields